Thanksgiving Pictures

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1. For the first picture I cleared up her skin and lightened up her eyes. the lighting was so dark as well as her eyes they looked almost black. I also played with the lighting and exposer to brighten up her face and added a color filter. I like the warm feeling it brings. This weekend I was looking through pictures on line to find some ideas of what I wanted to do and I decided to try and work on make up. I made her eye lashes longer and added eye liner to the bottom of her eye; to get the effect of lipstick I darkened her lips. Her jeans originally had some rips in them and I didn’t like how they distracted you from her face so I took them out.

2. The second picture tok me a while to edit the skin and I still don’t like it because it took splotchy but i tried my best. Im going to watch more tutorials. I did work on her make up here too but more subtle I didn’t want it to be too dramatic and noticeable. In the back ground there was a road and a house I edited out because it took the attention away from the subject. I fixed the lighting to brighten up her face and brightened up her eyes even more.

3. I like this picture but again the skin is blotchy.  I did her make up again and brightened up her eyes there was  a house in the upper left corner that I cropped most of it out but I had to clone a corner out. I added some shadow and fixed the brightness.

4. I did all of my pictures in color so I decided to do one in black and white. I cleared up her skin and cloned out a house. I also adjusted the bushes to cover some of my mistakes. I played with the contrast and brightness swell as the shadows. I cropped out a lot of the picture because there was a lot going on off to the side .


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